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The Flintstones XXX
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Can I make your BedRock?  The Flintstones: A XXX Porn Parody is a throw back to one of our favorite prime time television show and cartoon.   This porn parody takes us to the places in bedrock we always wanted to go—satisfying all kinds of sexual tension!  Hey—what else can we expect of the stone age? A fantasy of saber-toothed tigers, dinosaurs, and woolly mammoths! Well, in this Stone Age where people only have brains to fuck, there is a fantasy of pelts of pussy, titties as hard as rocks, and cocks that are showing to be a wee bit bigger than the dinosaurs of the time!  Prehistoric poontang can be the best time in The Flintstones: A XXX Porn Parody.  Hey in this version the cast of characters are hard as rock! 

The premise is simple and XXX style.  Fred during the day likes to think about Betty Wilma at “work” (a secret fantasy of them together for Fred.) This is the kind of the bedrock we imagined!  While Fred is daydreaming, Wilma’s old friend Tyler ROCKman has cum to visit!  Pebbles is 18 now, and ready to sneak around with Bam-Bam.  And boy does she ever—pretty much fucking Bam-Bam senseless, in addition to having Bam-Bam go to town on gorgeous Pebbles is a sight to see.  On top of all that, everybody seems to have forgotten all about Fred’s birthday—he wants a treat too! 

You have to see the real Bedrock because it will make your Bed Rock!  This is a must see and a prehistoric tail of how we once were.  See your fantasy of your favorite television show cum true!  See it now!

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